1818 ~ Celebrating 200 Years of Freemasonry ~ 2018
The origins of Loyalty Lodge are rooted in pre-civil war America. Our founding lodge was Washington Lodge No. 33, which was constituted in 1818. Since then, both the United States and what is now Loyalty Lodge No. 33, Free and Accepted Masons have survived trying times. We have been through the Civil War, two World Wars, a depression, Prohibition, civil rights unrest and most recently, terrorism within our borders. 
Through it all, Freemasonry has remained steadfast, constant and a bastion of morality, friendship and brotherly love. Principles such as these will never fade so long as there are good men willing to embrace them, practice them and encourage others to accept them. Please take the time to view our site and when you are done, if what you read is of interest to you, please contact us via email or phone to discuss the membership process. We look forward to sharing what we have learned with you.
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